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Weight Loss Surgery info website. A good weight loss surgery support group will not only make the tough times easier, but they have also been proven to result in as much as 12 . We help our patients succeed due to our excellent bariatric surgeons, weight loss surgery aftercare and expert weight loss specialist dietician support.

Find out about weight loss surgery, also called bariatric surgery, including what the. Bariatric Surgery Support Group. We are here to support each other post and pre op.

What is the bariatric surgery support group?

The group is an opportunity to speak to other . Get your free membership now and support . A bariatric patient support group is held every third Thursday of the month, from 5:30pm to 7:30pm at. Helen says “I believe that the hospital has an excellent multi-disciplinary team, which is able to fully support the patients following weight loss surgery”. Why choose Spire Bushey Hospital for weight loss surgery? A friendly and informal monthly support group.

Learn what life is like after bariatric surgery including surgical follow-up, nutrition and dietary guidelines, exercise plans, and support groups. Patients are welcome and encouraged . These classes are offered monthly and provide an opportunity for patients who have had bariatric surgery to connect with others who are in different stages of .

Support sessions have been shown to directly increase the chances of short- and long-term patient success following bariatric surgery. Northside Hospital understands that patients, who undergo weight-loss surgery, sometimes need help keeping the weight off. We offer several support groups to . Find information about bariatric surgery, weight-loss support groups and tools to track your progress. Forums provide emotional support for your bariatric surgery and your weight . UNC REX offers free educational sessions and support groups for bariatric surgery patients all year long.

These appointments are not designed to replace your regular clinic visits but to offer extra support to help you learn to live effectively after weight loss surgery. Advice and support from specialist surgeons, dietitians and psychologists. Using your ZIP code will give you the support . This group provides peer support and resources to individuals researching, awaiting, or recovering from weight loss . Providing help with obesity management and bariatric surgery. I also attend the bariatric surgery support group which . There are seminars and support groups available for individuals who are considering, have had bariatric . New ways to cope without using food. Being comfortable in your own . If you have had or considered having weight loss surgery, the surgery support group at NGHS offers information and personal experiences from participants.

Do you feel like you need extra guidance and understanding from . After your weight loss surgery procedure, we believe that comprehensive aftercare is the key to your success. The support we offer can make all the difference in . Discussions of different topics each month are related to adjustment issues before and after weight loss surgery. What: We alternate facilitated discussion on hot topics . Gastric bypass surgery is the most common form of weight loss surgery, but there are other options as well.

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