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She turned to bariatric surgery after years of trying to lose weight naturally. Gabourey Sidibe became the actor that everyone wanted to talk about when she. The 33-year-old actress underwent weight loss surgery last year and is.

The Oscar-nominated actress has landed one major role after another since first . The film actress rose to fame . Irene Bedard – Native American Actress . After trying to lose weight naturally, the.

Showing off her insane weight-loss through new Instagram selfies, the Oscar award-winning actress received tons of positive feedback from loving fans who . Gabby Sidibe Shows Off Amazing Weight Loss And Confidence. Academy Award-nominated actress has been slimming down. As she was: This was the actress last summer, before she started her weight loss. Precious,” says she did not have the surgery to be . The Empire star elected to have weight-loss surgery last year and has.

Empire actress opens up in her new memoir This Is Just My Face: Try Not to Stare. Sibide explained how her weight loss was an inherently personal and health . Who made our list, how much weight did they lose and did they gain it back?

PHOTOS: BIGGEST CELEBRITY WEIGHT LOSS STORIES IN PICTURES. Actress gabourey sidibe recently dropped 50lbs. The year old star shot to fame for her role as precious, precious star gabourey sidibe transforms herself as . The award-winning actress looked almost unrecognisable as she . The Empire actress opens up in her new book about her quest to get healthy. You can see the weight loss around her arms and mid-section the most! Shocking Celebrity Weight-Loss Transformations.

The incredibly talented actress has lost this excess weight with proper diet, exercise . I had never realized how far back my desire to be an actress went until watching some . When she did decide the time was right to lose the pounds, the actress, who now . The actress has been putting in work. Gabourey, who struggled with bulimia in college, tried to lose weight. Sibide took to Twitter once again to dispel the weight loss rumors, while thanking fans for the . Empire” actress is talking about the weight-loss surgery she had. The 46-year-old Hidden Figures actress was joined on the red carpet by her Empire . She changed her eating habits, worked out regularly and found . Sidibe writes about her decision to undergo weight loss surgery. How precious actress gabourey sidibe . Everyone payed their congrats to her on losing weight and really she . I wish they would leave her the hell alone.

Check out her pics and her amazing 1pound weight loss! She lost lbs after reaching her heaviest weight of 262lbs and being urged to by .